Thursday, 7 April 2011

Pastel: crêperie&dessert house

hello hello! its been a while since i've last posted a blog, which truly saddens me because i really do wish to update this as often as possible :(

anyhow, after completing our study quotas today at Robart's, S (new food buddy!) and i met up with C and we went to eat a simple dinner. with time to spare and craving something sweet, we decided that we'd try a new crêpe place that opened up in north york recently. for people unfamiliar with the dessert, a crêpe is a very thin type of pancake orginating from france that is comprised of flour, eggs, milk, butter and a bit of salt. crêpes come with a variety of textures as well as a relatively neutral taste, making them a very flexible dessert to eat. depending on their egg to flour ratio, a crêpe can be either pliable and slightly crispy, or pancake-like. in this sense, a crêperie can be of 2 settings;  a take-away restaurant that serves crêpes as a sort of 'fast-food' delicacy, or a formal sit-down café.
located along yonge  and close to finch, the dessert house has a very simple exterior design consisting of sage green neon lighting and a honey-oak-on-maple wood backdrop, and pops out quite distinctively from the surrounding dull-silver stores. the interior is also designed and furnished quite aesthetically, with its high ceilings, honey-oak-on-maple wood cupboards and tables, as well as stark white walls and seats. pastel's simplistic yet cozy approach on design makes it a versatile setting to be either a comfortable place to simply sit around and chat over a warm beverage, or a suitable romantic after-dinner destination for lovers on a date.

there were two menus present, the laminated one and one in a cover-bound book. i didn't really bother looking into the pretty book, considering that the simple laminated one provided me all the choices of food i wanted to eat.
pastel offers 2 types of crêpes; savoury and sweet. you also have the option of switching the sweet crêpe with a fluffy waffle, if you are willing to pay the additional minimal cost of $1. considering we were here after eating dinner, we opted on  2 types of sweet crêpes:
Brownie Crêpe ($7.59)
C and i shared this crêpe, and ordered it mostly because i was secretly craving soft and doughy brownies all day. the dessert consisted of a large crêpe filled with whipped cream, banana slices, and mini brownie chunks. two moderately-sized scoops of cookies n' cream icecream and a swirl of whip cream accompanied the crepe, and the whole dish was sprinkled with confectioner's sugar and warm chocolate drizzle. the humble-sized crêpe arrived warm and actually quite filled, showing that the owners didn't skimp out on giving their customers what they pay for. both the cookies n' creme ice-cream and whipped cream were quite standard and clearly grocery-store quality, but nevertheless good. though it was satisfying, i personally found the crêpe a little too leathery for my liking. the reason behind the leathery-texture could possibly be due to either over-mixing the batter, or not giving the batter sufficient time to settle in the refrigerator (the common time ranging from a minimum of 2hours to 2days).
Nut Crêpe ($8.59)
this second crêpe was ordered by S, since she just had to satisfy her chocolate craving. this crêpe was comprised of a thick layer of rich hazelnut nutella-spread smeared inside the crêpe, along with whipped cream, and chopped walnuts. accompanying the crêpe were 2 (yet again) moderately sized scoops of what tasted to be cappuccino flavor ice-cream, and a singular swirl of cool whipped cream. the cappuccino ice-cream was a great addition, and tasted better than many places i've tried it before. though it was still store-bought quality, the cool taste of it was rich and invigorating and had the perfect fusion of creaminess and caffeine. the crêpe was also covered in confectioner's sugar and warm chocolate drizzle. though i admit that i only tried the ice-cream and not the crêpe combination myself, from S's reaction (aka her fast eating, satisfied nods, etc..) i have reason to safely conclude that the nut crêpe was a success!

additional photos for your aedificare...
when C went to the washroom, i asked him if he could take a photo of it for me to see how it looked. he came back with this.
 conclusively .. . .  .   .
food: 8/10
atmosphere: 8/10
service: 10/10 (the staff were incredibly kind and attentive, as well as impressively clean utensils)
portion: moderate
 price: reasonable (<$10)

go check out pastel: crêperie& dessert house :)
happy eating!

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  1. never really had a thing for brownies but the nutella one sounds yum 8D

  2. You always go to places I never ever of! I want some mango yohgurt dessert! :( And omg, you got some studying done :( T.T I just finished my lab report yesterday afternoon. I should start soons :(

  3. that place is amazing lol I went there with..J?! and we had waffles (mixed nuts and hezelnut ice-cream) and green tea shaved ice. try it next time :)

  4. @msfob: hahaha i made a mistake and my friend told me it was actually called 'nut crepe' XD but regardless, she said it was really delicious!
    @kimchi: it's pretty far from utsc so that's probably why you never heard of it...if you ever come down to north york, i'll bring you :)! and and i'll bring you to a place that serves really good mango pudding :D!
    @anonymous: yea, its going to be one of my new crepe/ relax places now :) i will be sure to try the green tea one (S was actually torn b/w ordering the green-tea and nut one). i also can't wait to try their savoury crepes and hot beverages!

  5. i ate here too and i love the nut crepe

    the ice cream may be store bought but at least they are not stingy on the portions

    great post you're so descriptive luv the "honey-oak-on maple wood" line lol i was trying to remember how the place looks and i honestly dont remember the wood hahaha

  6. Omg yes! North York soon times! We should go during that really short break until school starts again for us :(

  7. yummmmm, they look amazing.
    Lol at the bathroom picture

  8. This looks delicious and your bf is so funny taking a photo of that paper towel dispenser!!! Boys! lol I always love to try new dessert places too but it's really rare to find some decent ones here in Vancouver and most places that open late are just bubble tea houses, either that or some places downtown and they sell for super expensive too! Not to mention bf think's its a big waste of money buying desserts, but I don't care because I love them anyways!!!! mmmmMmMmmmm craving for crepe now!

  9. @karen ling: hahah i totally agree with you on the portions, that's one of the reasons why i love going there; i feel that i get my money's worth and the people are friendly :)
    @kimchi: let's go let's go let's goooo :D
    @rose: haha the crepes were pretty good, you should try it the next time you are in north york :)
    @suki pooki: hahaha yes he's pretty silly, he actually took more pictures of the washroom (light switches, the trash can, etc..) but i chose the most random one out of the bunch XD. o really? i wish to one day visiy vancouver, it seems like such a wonderful place with many food opportunites hahah. no way! it's never a waste of money to buy food you enjoy eating, especially if it's sweets. i don't think i could ever live without eating dessert haha